Fatherhood and Jewellery: A Glimpse into Mr. Powell's Treasured Collection

Fatherhood and Jewellery: A Glimpse into Mr. Powell's Treasured Collection

In honour of Father's Day, we invite you to embark on a captivating journey exploring the intersection of fatherhood and jewellery. Fatherhood is a profound and transformative journey, and what better way to celebrate the extraordinary fathers and father figures in our lives than by exploring the connection between their role as fathers and their love for fine jewellery.

We recently sat down with Mr. Will Powell, a devoted father, esteemed businessman, and passionate jewellery enthusiast. Where his unwavering dedication to his family intertwines with his passion for jewellery. As we explore the remarkable stories behind each meticulously chosen piece, we uncover the deep sentimental value they hold.

Mr. Powell generously imparts his wisdom and insights on selecting gentlemen's jewellery, whether you are a fellow jewellery enthusiast, a devoted father seeking inspiration, or simply curious about the magical connection between fatherhood and jewellery, this blog offers a wealth of knowledge and heartfelt stories.

Will Powell

Can you tell us about your personal style and how you incorporate jewellery into your overall look? 

I wouldn’t say I have a style? I obviously wear a suit most of the time in work, so when I’m not in a suit I dress quite casually. Jeans and t-shirt or polo shirt is what I spend most of my time in. I wear my wedding ring with a watch everyday and whilst in work I wear cufflinks with my shirt. I have a few nice pairs of cufflinks from Deakin & Francis.

What are some of your favourite pieces of jewellery that you wear regularly, and why do you like them? 

I like my watches, I have a collection of about six that I like to rotate. My favourite cufflinks are my enamelled humming birds from Deakin & Francis. (Available at Powells)

How did you develop your interest in gentlemen's jewellery, and what drew you to this particular form of self-expression? 

I’m probably more interested in women’s jewellery than men's? I obviously don’t wear it but its more an appreciation of design and craftsmanship which ultimately lead me to study diamond gemmology at the Gemological Institute of America and continue with our family business.

Do you have any sentimental or heirloom pieces of jewellery that hold special meaning for you? If so, could you share the story behind them? 

I have my late grandfathers signet ring. Its 9 carat gold and from the 1940s, it has a small diamond set in the head of the ring. I don’t wear it but I have it in a safe place.

Have you ever received a piece of jewellery as a gift from your children or partner? How did that make you feel, and what does it mean to you? 

Carly and the boys bought me a special watch for my 40th birthday. It was a watch that I had wanted for a long time. I treasure it and wear from time to time. I couldn’t believe the efforts she'd gone to get me that watch and I know how hard she had had to work to save up for it.

How do you choose which jewellery pieces to wear for different occasions or events? Do you have any specific guidelines or preferences when it comes to accessorising? 

A lot of my cufflinks have bright vitreous enamel on them and I try to coordinate them with the suit or shirt and tie I’m wearing on a given day.

Are there any fashion or jewellery trends that you particularly enjoy or follow? How do you incorporate those trends into your personal style? 

Signet rings are a popular choice at the moment and I like the idea of a nice signet. I guess I haven’t seen or tried on the right one for me to buy yet but it's on my list!

Is there a particular piece of jewellery that you consider your "go-to" or signature piece? If so, what makes it special to you? 

I have a Rolex Submariner 50th Anniversary. (16610LV) I was lucky enough to buy this in 2004, it's the first watch I’d bought myself after I won some money on the National Lottery.

What role do you believe jewellery plays in expressing your individuality and style? How does it contribute to your overall image? 

I’m not really that daring so I keep it simple with a watch, wedding ring, and a pair of cufflinks if I’m wearing a shirt. I occasionally wear a pocket watch and Albert chain if I’m wearing a waistcoat.

Do you have any tips or advice for other fathers who are interested in exploring or expanding their jewellery collections? What would you recommend they consider when selecting pieces? 

My advice would be to buy what you like, that way you will feel more comfortable whilst wearing your jewellery. I have three boys, I love the idea of being able to pass on my watches to them when they are older. I was given a watch from my own fathers collection at Christmas one year and I cherish it and enjoy wearing it from time to time.

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