Powells Jewellery – UK Modern Slavery Act

 At Powells, a family-owned fine jewellery establishment with a heritage dating back to 1967, we are dedicated to upholding uncompromising ethical standards and respecting human rights in every facet of our operations. We take pride in being a reputable jeweller with a deep commitment to ethical sourcing and manufacturing.

Our Ethical Approach

Material & Vintage Jewellery Sourcing

We meticulously source materials, specifically cut and polished diamonds, other gemstones and vintage jewellery, from a select group of trusted and long- standing suppliers. This commitment to established relationships ensures that our materials meet the highest ethical standards.


All new Powells Jewellery products are meticulously crafted within a carefully chosen network of workshops. This helps us maintain close oversight of the entire creation process, ensuring that each piece reflects our unwavering commitment to ethical practices.

Supplier Engagement

We actively engage with our key suppliers to annually assess risks within their respective supply chains. For new suppliers, we insist on detailed information about their supply chain, the assessment of human rights and labour rights risks (including modern slavery), and the reporting of both current and future risks to Powells Jewellery.

We are resolute in our dedication to ethical practices and the eradication of modern slavery in our industry. At Powells Jewellery, we firmly believe that every piece of jewellery should not only embody timeless beauty but also the values of ethics and human rights.