At Powells Jewellery, we specialise in acquiring diamond and gem-set pieces that exude history and charm, spanning eras such as Art Deco, the classic 1940s and 50s, up to the retro styles of the 80s.

Our passion extends to precious metals and coins, with a keen interest in gold and platinum, valued based on daily scrap metal rates, considering weight and purity. Wristwatches and pocket watches are also welcomed, including pre-owned brands like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and more. Antique and vintage silverware is also of interest, especially Chester hallmarked silver and unique pieces.

Each piece we consider for purchase undergoes an appraisal, considering various factors such as the quality of the metal, the brilliance of gemstones, the age, and the overall condition. Based on our assessment, we determine a fair price if we find it suitable to extend an offer.

If you believe you possess items that align with our interests, we encourage you to reach out to us using our convenient sales form below. Please note that viewing items in person is necessary before we can extend an offer. We kindly ask you to schedule a visit to our shop at a mutually convenient time once we have replied to your submission below.

In our commitment to transparency, it's important to mention that our offers typically remain valid for three days, considering the fluctuating values of precious metals. Should you choose to accept our offer, we kindly request you to provide a photo identification. For your convenience, our preferred method of payment is bank transfer, ensuring a secure and seamless transaction.