Diamond Cut: The Dazzling Centrepiece

Round Brilliant Cut:

Timeless and exquisite, the round brilliant cut boasts a captivating sparkle, making it suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings.

Princess Cut:

With sharp, unclipped corners, the princess cut offers a modern, edgy look and exceptional sparkle.

Emerald Cut:

Elegance personified, the emerald cut features step-cut facets, providing a sophisticated style statement.

Oval Cut:

The elongated oval cut merges the round cut's radiance with a distinct, flattering shape, appealing to those who appreciate classic lines with a twist.

Cushion Cut:

Known for its soft, rounded corners, the cushion cut exudes warmth and romance, making it a timeless choice.

Marquise Cut:

For those seeking an unconventional, dramatic design, the marquise cut's elongated shape offers a captivating option.

Pear Cut

The pear cut diamond is renowned for its unique teardrop shape. Characterised by a single point and a rounded end, this cut exudes sophistication and grace.

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Setting: Elevating the Diamond's Brilliance

Solitaire Setting:

Simplicity reigns in the classic solitaire setting, placing the diamond front and centre, allowing its beauty to shine unencumbered.

Halo Setting:

The halo setting encircles the centre diamond with smaller stones, enhancing its brilliance and overall size.

Three-Stone Setting:

Symbolizing the past, present, and future, the three-stone setting typically features a central diamond flanked by two smaller stones, a sentimental and elegant choice.

Vintage Setting:

Vintage-inspired designs draw inspiration from bygone eras, offering intricate details and a hint of nostalgia.

Bezel Setting:

The bezel setting surrounds the diamond with a sleek metal rim, ensuring both security and a modern look.

Metal Type: Enhancing Your Ring's Aesthetic

White Gold:

Contemporary and sophisticated, white gold complements the diamond's radiance, creating a striking contrast.

Yellow Gold:

A timeless favourite, yellow gold exudes warmth and classic charm, appealing to traditionalists.

Rose Gold:

Romantic and trendy, rose gold's blushing hue adds a touch of femininity and modernity to your ring.


The epitome of luxury, platinum's natural white hue and exceptional durability ensure your ring stands the test of time.

Sizing: Ensuring the Perfect Fit

Subtle Measurement:

To discreetly ascertain your partner's ring size, consider borrowing a ring from their collection. Ensure it's from the correct finger and hand.

Stealthy String Trick:

For those who appreciate a bit of adventure, here's a fun tactic! When they are asleep, wrap a small piece of string around their ring finger and use a pen to mark where the ends meet. Simply take this string to Powells to discover your partner's ring finger size. Be sure to channel your inner secret agent for this mission!

Consult our Powell’s experts:

For the utmost precision, after the initial proposal surprise, visit us and we can accurately measure your partner's finger.

Keep in mind, your choice should tell your love story and mirror your partner's unique style. By contemplating these elements, you'll craft an engagement ring that narrates your story and symbolizes your commitment in a manner that's both personal and meaningful. Enjoy this remarkable journey of love and craftsmanship.