Her Majesty's Most Sentimental Jewellery Pieces

Her Majesty's Most Sentimental Jewellery Pieces

It's no secret that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, possesses one of the world's most impressive jewellery collections. Despite having owned some of the world's finest jewels, Her Majesty's favourite pieces are those designed and gifted to her by her beloved husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. Many people are unaware that the Duke was an exceptionally talented and designed a plethora of precious pieces for Her Majesty over the course of their 73-year marriage, many of which have special meanings. 

As the Nation mourns the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Powells Fine would like to remember Her Majesty by highlighting some of the most meaningful jewellery pieces in her jewellery collection gifted by her belated husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. 

Diamond Brooch 

No piece has a much greater meaning than Her Majesty’s diamond brooch. According to Vogue, the romance between the future Queen and the young prince was beginning to blossom when later in the war when Philip was on leave in London. This diamond brooch was one of the very first gifthe gifted her. The brooch, which was in the shape of his Naval badge, was created by Garrard, and symbolised the early days of their relationship. Philip maintained his career in the Navy until Elizabeth became queen and she proudly wore the brooch as a Navy wife.

Diamond Engagement Ring 

On July 9th1947, a then Princess Elizabeth announced her engagement to Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. Prince Philip designed Her Majesty’s engagement ring which featured a 3-carat round brilliant diamond as the centre stone, flanked by five smaller stones set on each shoulder which were set in platinum. If designing her ring wasn’t special enough, the Prince added a sentimental gesture to the ring by incorporating diamonds from his mother's tiara. 

Diamond Bracelet 

As the couple married on 20 November, 194, Her Majesty was showered with precious gifts by family members and members of the general public. As for her husband, the Duke used the rest of the diamond from his mother's tiara to design a one-of-a-kind diamond bracelet as a wedding present to his new wife. This bracelet is a frequent piece worn by Her Majesty throughout her reign and in recent years worn by the now Princess of Wales Kate Middleton. 

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, had a love story unlike any other, lasting 73 years. Unfortunately, the Duke became very ill in 2021 and died on April 9th at the age of 99. Her Majesty followed not long after, on September 8th, 2022, at the age of 96. Queen Elizabeth has been undoubtedly steadfast in her commitment to our country and the Commonwealth. Our thoughts are with the Royal Family at this time, as we all pay our respects and remember Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022.