Jewellery From The Peaky Blinders

Jewellery From The Peaky Blinders

Since the hit show Peaky Blinders first aired in 2013, there is no denying the profound influence the show has had on modern fashion worn by men today. Although the original Peaky Blinders were about three decades before when the show depicts, the series embraces the stylish and sophisticated fashion of the roaring 20’s.  

Main character Thomas Shelby (portrayed by actor Cillian Murphy) and his brothers are often seen sporting a flat cap, classy three pieces suits, Oxford laced boots, a detachable collar shirt, and a heavy overcoat which are trends making a comeback today. Clothing trends are not the only thing made popular again due to the show's incredible success, vintage accessories such as pocket watches, signet rings, statement necklaces, drop earrings and vintage rings have also seen a rise in popularity. 

Today we’re taking a deep dive into the most popular accessories from the show and what made them so iconic in the 1920’s. 

Pocket Watch and Chain 

During the Victorian era, pocket watches were both a staple and a practical timepiece. In the 1920’s it became a quintessential accessory to compliment your three-piece suit. Pocket watches have been around for centuries and feature intricate mechanisms and beautifully crafted covers. Since the show first aired, the pocket watch is once again in high demand. The nifty accessory is seen throughout the series as no member of the Peaky Blinders is seen at a formal event without one.  

Signet Rings 

Another accessory revived by the show’s success is the signet ring. Throughout history signet rings were not only highly decorative, but they were also used by men in crucial roles within society and indicated wealth, power, and importance. It is only fitting to see the Shelby boys who are involved in organised crime and a prominent level of power in Birmingham sporting this signature ring. Powells Vintage Jewellery has a range of gentlemen’s signet rings available which can be found in store and on our website by clicking here. 

Statement necklaces 

The fabulous women in peaky blinders were dressed in glamourous ensembles which were accessorised with statement jewellery. One of our favourite necklaces featured is the stunning sapphire necklace worn by actress Annabelle Wallis who plays the role of Grace Burgess. The sapphire is held in a gold setting paired with an elegant gold chain. It is the most eye-catching piece of jewellery seen on the show thus far. 

In 2022, we have seen a rise in popularity of bold statement jewellery such as large gemstone pendants, long knotted gold, and silver chain necklaces. 

Drop Earrings 

The 1920’s was a time of glamour and luxury. During this time, Art Deco was at it’s peak of popularity. With women flaunting a shorter hairstyle, women's necks were fully exposed therefore, they wore decorative, dangling earrings to bring attention to the neck. You can see in the image below actress Gaite Sara Kim Jansen who played the role of Russian Princess Tatiana wearing a stunning pair of diamond drop earrings. 

Vintage Rings 

The series did an excellent job highlighting the rings worn during this era. In the 1920’s, Art Nouveau styles of filigree settings were still prominent throughout the 20’s. The image below of the late actress Helen McCrory who played the beloved character of Aunt Polly is pictured wearing a ring that depicts one of the shapes most common from this era such as square, rectangular, and oval as opposed to traditional cuts. 

As we see more historical dramas make their way to our screens, it's great to see the wardrobes and accessories during these time periods inspire today’s fashion. At Powells Vintage Jewellery you will find a plethora of treasures from past decade to add to your vintage collection. Click here to browse jewellery from the the 1920's.