Jewellery Trends to Take Over 2023

Jewellery Trends to Take Over 2023

Major fashion publications, Vogue and Cosmopolitan, have published their predictions for the upcoming fashion trends they believe will be prevalent in 2023. Many of us choose our fine jewellery pieces with great care and consideration rather than basing our decisions on current fashion trends. Fortunately, jewellery trends typically endure much longer than clothing fashion trends. Therefore, even if your preferred trend seems to have faded from fashion consciousness, the main thing is you invested in jewellery you will adore forever. It's also likely that it will become 'in-vogue' once again, since trends always come back after a few years. We never thought we’d see the revival of the dress over jeans from the early 2000s, but here it is in 2022 starting to re-appear on red carpets! 

Indulge us as we break down and discuss our favourite top jewellery trends for 2023. 

Cocktail rings 

Cocktail rings, also known as dress rings, were made popular in the 1920s and have recently becoming popular once again. The colourfulness and boldness of bejewelled cocktails rings make the accessory a hard one to miss and can elevate any look without overloading your attire with lots of jewellery. Cocktail rings, in contrast to some other rings, are party jewels that are happy, playful, uplifting, often oversized and fun to wear. There is no doubt you will be seeing more eye-catching rings at your next social event or coverage of the red carpet. 

Hoop earrings 

Another season of hoops is upon us, and it appears to be speeding up rather than slowing down. Hoop earrings have long been considered a staple piece of jewellery to own within one's jewellery collection. In recent years, hoop earrings have made a significant resurgence and are once again a popular fashion accessory for people of all ages. This rise in popularity can be linked to the fact that hoop earrings are versatile and standout items, there is something for everyone whether you prefer to stand out in a large, bedazzled pair or be effortlessly classic in a small, simple, gold hoop that delicately hugs the ear. 

White metal jewellery 

Yellow gold jewellery seemingly took over within recent years as the “clean girl aesthetic” became quite a popular look. Hailey Bieber is often credited for the rise in popularity of yellow gold jewellery as she quickly became the poster girl for the aesthetic, often wearing yellow gold jewellery to accessories her minimalist look. Fashion experts are predicting yellow gold jewellery will be taking a back seat in 2023 as silver and white gold jewellery is expected to have its time in the spotlight! The year ahead is expected to be dominated by white-toned metallic hues. According to Who What Wear, although yellow gold tone jewellery will always be favourable in the warmer months, the sudden rise in white metal the last few months has been the biggest shift in the jewellery industry we’ve seen. 

Jumbo pearls 

Time and time again pearls have proven to stand the test of time and fashion experts predict the pearl trend will continue well into 2023 but with a modern edge. The Spring/Summer runways featured plenty of oversized pearl jewellery pieces. The perception of pearl jewellery has changed in recent years; originally seen as a gemstone typically worn by your grandmother, now making frequent appearances on the fashion runways due the sophisticated nature and compatibility of the gemstone with many different looks. 

Arm cuffs 

Another accessory that has made frequent appearances on the Spring/Summer runway was the arm cuff. Expect to see arm cuffs in 2023 out in full force! The New Year is expecting the arm accessory becoming even more popular to wear with examples such as snake cuffs, dome cuffs and even handbag cuff designs drawing the most attention to this trend.