Pearl Connoisseurs - The Worlds Most Notable Pearl Lovers

Pearl Connoisseurs - The Worlds Most Notable Pearl Lovers

Gone are the days when pearls were mainly worn by your grandmother, as individuals of all ages are once again enjoying wearing pearls. In recent years pearls have made a seamless comeback as it is a current popular jewellery trend with generation Z. Those who celebrate a birthday in June have the pleasure of having this timeless gemstone as their birthstone.  A classic staple that has stood the test of time and is a must-have in your jewellery collection. 

As today's A-List celebrities such as Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and Justin Bieber are getting in on this trend, this month's blog will highlight the famous individuals who made pearls a must-have in fashion. 

Audrey Hepburn 

One of the most recognisable images of Audrey Hepburn is from the classic 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The most memorable scene showcases Hepburn in an elegant black column dress paired beautifully with a dramatic set of pearls. This moment is said to mark a moment in fashion history. You can read more about Audrey Hepburn in our previous blog 'Audrey Hepburn: Jewellery Fashion Icon’.

Coco Chanel 

Known for her sophisticated style, it's no secret Coco Chanel is quite the fashion icon, but did you know she’s well known for her use of pearls? Her simplistic wardrobe served as a perfect canvas to layer on her string of pearls in which she wears herself. Although she commonly used simulated pearls in her own line of jewellery, it sparked a trend by turning undesirable costume jewellery into a fashion trend that everyone desired. A trend that is still popular today.


Princess Diana 

There is no denying the influence Princess Diana’s unique sense of style had in the fashion of her day. One accessory that has been a noticeable staple among her many looks, is her exquisite pearls. During her schoolgirl years, she was often photographed wearing pearl stud earrings and a simple string of pearls. Over the years as her style evolved, her love of pearls transformed with her. Who can forget her iconic moment in 1996 when she was photographed wearing a figure-hugging black cocktail dress along with a multi-row pearl choker shortly after her divorce from Prince Charles.

 This elegant three-row seed pearl choker necklace looks similar to the one Diana wears with her revenge dress. A perfect finishing touch for recreating this look or incorporating Diana's style into your wardrobe.

 Kate Middleton 

Kate Middleton is another royal who is frequently seen wearing pearls. According to Hello Magazine, her collection of pearl jewellery ranges from affordable pieces to luxurious pieces loaned to her by Her Majesty the Queen. One piece in particular that drew the attention of many was the pearl choker she wore in attendance to the Late Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in 2021. A touching tribute by the Duchess of Cambridge to the duke as she opted to wear the Queen’s four-row pearl choker. The necklace was a gift to the Queen in celebration of her marriage to Philip in 1947. 

Harry Styles 

When it comes to fashion, Harry Styles is well-known for challenging gender stereotypes. Harry made his Met Gala debut in 2019 sporting a custom Gucci all-black sheer suit with high waisted trousers. His look became viral on the internet, but not because of the sheerness of his outfit, but because of a big pearl earring dangling from one ear, similar to one worn by King Charles I in the 17th century. Since then, Harry has been photographed wearing pearls on countless occasions, and many have credited him with reintroducing men's jewellery back into the mainstream

King Charles I 

Earrings were a prominent men's adornment in the 16th and 17th centuries among aristocratic Englishmen before Harry Style popularised men's jewellery once more. Pearls were exceedingly valued during this time period. Since the age of 15, King Charles I had worn an incredible five-eighths of an inch and a rare pear shape pearl earring, which can be seen in practically every portrait of him. The pearl earring became such an important part of King Charles's wardrobe that he refused to give it up. Charles even wore it the moment he was executed in 1649.

As you can see, pearls were just as popular centuries ago as they are now, and this trend does not appear to be changing anytime soon. We understand that selecting the right pearls can be overwhelming due to the huge amount of options available. We would like to make that journey easier for you, that's why we are offering complimentary consultations (online or in-store) which allow you to learn of and discover the perfect pearls for you. Click here to book.