Your 2022 Jewellery Guide

Your 2022 Jewellery Guide

Many of us have the annual tradition of creating a unique list of goals we would like to accomplish for the year ahead. For those looking to step out of their comfort-zone and experiment with your style this year, you’ve come to the right place! Not only has Pinterest revealed their trend predictions for the year, but we also saw runway shows make a comeback in September 2021 which gave us a good insight into the fashion trends we might be seeing more of throughout 2022. We decided to break down some of the predictions expected to dominate this year alongside some of our recommendations to help you stay ahead of the trends. 


Described by Forbes as “the gem of Icons” due to stars such as Audrey Hepburn who is known for wearing them, Pinterest has predicted a rise in popularity of the gemstone from street style to red-carpet looks. Pearls have always been a timeless classic but, it appears that in 2021 the public’s perception of pearls changed, from being seen as an outdated heirloom piece to rekindling their love for the gem as they are now perceived as a chic contemporary choice for everyday. The trend has also shaken up men’s fashion as Refinery29 explains stars like Harry Styles and Pharrell have reintroduced the gem and giving it a modern revamp by layering a string of pearls with other loud jewellery pieces. 

If you are wondering, how can you incorporate the fashion trend to your everyday style, you really cannot go wrong with a simple white gold & pearl necklace. Vice President Kamala Harris is becoming well known for her love of pearls as she made headlines early last year when she paired a pearl necklace with a blazer suit and a pair of Converse, a look she sports often. An excellent option to spruce up your outfit for the office. 

Bold Colours 

2022 is also predicted to be a year for vibrant colours. This prediction comes as colour was very prominent amongst designer collections such as Fendi, Saint Laurent and Dior in the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion shows. The runway not only saw vibrant outfits strut the runway; bold colours was also seen in jewellery. More specifically, bright hues that give a jolt of energy are predicted to be popular according to trend forecasters Pantone, as these colours are associated with optimism, warmth, and growth as we head into the third year of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you’re a bit hesitant to try out this fashion trend, incorporating vibrant jewellery with coloured gemstones is a great way to slowly introduce colour into your wardrobe in a subtle way. Here at Powells Fine Jewellery we carry a wide range of coloured gems. Anything from a pear-shaped sapphire & diamond studs to a pair of rainbow sapphire flower earrings you can be sure to find something best suited to compliment your aesthetic. 

Statement Pieces  

 The spring 2022 runway saw numerous amounts of unique looks topped with bold statement pieces, in particular necklaces and earrings. Designers such as Balmain and Burberry accessorised their runway models with big thick chokers. Many other designers featured the accessory in their shows, each demonstrating a different sense of style such as leather, gold, and jewelled. 

Large hooped earring seemed to be a popular choice amongst designers, but they weren’t just big, they were larger than life! 

If this seems like a trend you want to try but the thought of thick chokers and oversize earrings seems overwhelming, we have a selection of high jewellery that would make excellent statement pieces. For instance, this Art Deco style diamond twist ring is an excellent choice due to its unique and bold design.  

Or perhaps a dazzling pair of pear cut diamond drop earrings. 

Statement pieces are an excellent way to elevate a simple look by drawing focus to one area with an extravagant piece of jewellery. Both pieces are bold enough to capture the attention of onlookers but subtle enough that it’s not distracting. 

If you would like to learn more about the upcoming fashion trends for 2022, we have linked a list of references below that will provide a more in-depth analysis of each of the fashion trends expected to be popular.  

We have also compiled a collection of jewellery mentioned in this blog as well as other trendy pieces to assist you as you unleash your inner fashionista.