What To Look For When Engagement Ring Shopping

What To Look For When Engagement Ring Shopping

February is here and there seems to be red love hearts, flowers, and chocolates everywhere you look. This can only mean one thing... Valentine's Day is approaching! After spending the festive season with friends and family, many couples look forward to Valentine's Day as it is the perfect time to spend some quality time alone with their partners. Whether you are planning to get down on one knee or the romantic season is having you think of engagement rings, we have put together a guide to help you find the perfect ring that will leave your partner speechless this Valentine's Day. 

Diamond Shape & Diamond Cut 

There are many factors to take into consideration when searching for the perfect ring, however, the most important is the shape of the diamond itself. Therefore, before you begin your search it is important for you to understand the difference between the jewellery terms diamond shape and diamond cut. Diamond shape refers to the outline of the diamond when seen face up. Examples of diamond shapes include roundoval, pear and square to name a few. Diamond cut on the other hand is a little more of a specific term. It is used to describe the actual facet arrangement of an individual stone ultimately creating the shape. Why is this important you may ask? Well, the diamond cut affects the brilliance or brightness which gives you that eye-catching sparkle! Examples of cuts include cushion, emerald, round brilliant, marquise, and oval.

The Best Cut for Sparkle 

If your fiancé to be wants an eye-catching diamond with a blinding sparkle, a round brilliant cut will not disappoint. The round cut consists of 57 to 58 facets and was specifically designed to enhance the sparkle of the diamond as it reflects up to 92% of all the light that enters so long as it has been cut to excellent criteria. 

If you love the brilliance of the round cut but would prefer something different, marquiseoval and pear cut diamonds are great alternatives as they have a similar brilliance to a round cut. 

Flattering Diamond Shapes 

It is always best to try on a variety of different style engagement rings to find what you like best and what diamond shape is most flattering on your partner. The round cut is a universally flattering shape no matter what your hand looks like. But if you want to create the illusion of a long slender finger, shapes such as marquise, oval, and pear shape would be the shapes to go for.


Engagement Ring Styles 

A Classic Favourite 

solitaire style engagement ring is a favourite among many. This style ring is designed to highlight the beauty of the single diamond which is often mounted on a simple band with a prong or claw setting. Due to its simple and elegant design, it is a style that will never go out of style and you cannot go wrong with.
Non-Traditional Ring Styles 

Although traditional styles are the most popular, they may not be to everyone's taste. Non-traditional styles such as coloured gemstones like sapphires, yellow & pink diamonds are just as beautiful and make quite the statement.  
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